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We all need someone to lean on to, and for many of us, it's Spirituality. We turn to the Spirit for our concerns whether it's sickness, finances, work, relationship or really anything. Regardless of your believe, God is here to listen. For many people, having a prayer partner works miraculously, giving them a sense of comfort that someone is reaching out to the holy for their wishes.

That's why Prayer Initiatives International is born, to help people have access to a prayer partner across the world. debt relief.

"The quality of our prayer life determines the quality of our relationship with God."

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Get Someone To Pray With You

Prayer Initiative International connects Christians who have prayer requests to preachers and clergies to help them reach out closer to God.

  • Get help with your prayer requests on sickness issues, finances, work, relationship, current events and other intentions for you and your loved ones
  • A clergy or minister will pray for your intention, intently, reading your prayer requests
  • Wait for God's wonder; your prayers will be granted depending on what God thinks is best for you.

Having a Prayer Partner Works

People have been reaching out to others to help them with their prayer requests for thousands of years. It's a common practice and quite often, it's easier if you let others who don't know you help. It allows you to be honest about your intention – free from guilt, free from judgment and free from biases. Through Prayer Initiatives Program, know that someone is praying for you, without questioning your intention whether you're praying for more wealth or be with someone, it doesn't matter. We are not here to coach you; we are here to pray for you. God does not hold judgment, nor do we.

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Have an Urgent Prayer Request? You Don't Have To Do It Alone

Is it overwhelming? Reach out to us. The best, the brightest, the most successful and the happiest people all have someone helping them with their prayer requests. Allow us to ease your burden by knowing that someone is there to assist you with your prayer requests. Talk to God with the help of others.

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Home Owner? Get Approved

If you are a home owner with high debt balances or high interest rates, we can help. With our debt advisers by your side, you can settle your debt for less than you owe without bankruptcy.

You can save up to $38,000 in finance fees

Example: Here's how much you could be paying with a $30,000 debt
Results may vary.

You Deserve a Debt-Free Life

Once your prayer is submitted to us and prayed upon, let God do His wonder.

  • Let God decide, not your prayer partner, decide whether you're praying for is the best thing for you
  • Let our prayer partners bring you closer to God
  • Trust God, know that He has the right intention for you
  • Free yourself from the burden of your prayer request, whatever that is, let us help you get closer to God
  • While there is no guarantee that your prayers will be given, God ultimately decides whether to grant them, having another person pray for your intentions will give you the satisfaction that someone is helping you.
Easy and Convenient
All you need to do is to fill out the form above with your prayer requests. Be honest about it. It works better if you are honest and sincere with your prayer. Be detailed if you want.
Your prayer request will remain confidential. We will not share it with others. In fact, even within the organization, very few people will read your prayer - mostly your prayer partner. Feel free to be genuine.
Why Do This?
The world has a lot of sad stories, we need something to uplift our spirit. Prayer works for many.

This Non Denominatio, Someone Will Pray For You

Each prayer partner has a different method of praying that they think works best. We'll try to partner you, based on your input, who to send your requests to. Rest be assured though, that we'll only select qualified, dignified and prayer experts to pray for our members. As long as your prayer request doesn't incite violence, someone will pray for you.

Let God hear your prayer with the help of the spiritual leader in your denomination. Prayer Initiative is designed to provide you with judgement-free prayer services.

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